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The Bees Knees

Added on 07 January 2020

Maybe local honey will be served soon.

Last year Gregor thought it would be a great experiment to set up a swarm trap in the hope he caught some honey bees and we were amazed to find that bees had chosen his slap dash home made hive as their new home in mid June.

Of course this was an experiment and he then needed to learn fast how to care for those wonderful bees. There was a lot to learn and he bought a proper hive, relocated the bees and they grew in numbers significantly in the remainder of the year. Its now January 2020 and hopeful they survive a hebridean winter and get a good start in the spring.

This has been such an interesting experience and has turned into more of an addiction than a hobby. Keep your eyes peeled for Gregor in his version of a space suit during your visit as he tends to his bees.