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We will be here when this is all over

We will be here when this is all over

Added on 27 February 2021

Back in march 2020 we thought that the lockdown would last a few weeks and frantically used that time to paint the house and do all the odd jobs we'd never have done in normal circumstances. 

Little did we know the nightmare was to continue and we were having to contact guests to cancel bookings. this became more difficult when we realised the situation would continue for a lot longer. 

I (Gregor) got a job cooking in a local carehome and Douglas started doing gardening jobs and as a hair dresser was able to do that in between full lockdowns. We had to make things work and now we sit here scratching our heads in amazement at how we spent the last year. Life on the islands is remote and with the pandemic ruling the world we felt we were in a wee bubble away from it all but the effects were still felt in many ways. 

But we're here alive and kicking and looking forward to having you all stay.

Heres to a better future where we're stronger for it and can look back and say we lived through a pandemic that was only fictional television until last year.